[Histonet] Embedding multiple GI pieces on end in a paraffin block

kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu
Fri Jul 16 12:45:35 CDT 2010

To all,

OK, looks like most of you are saying the same thing-work fast!  :o)  I've
printed out all of your replies and discussed them with the graduate
student who needs this done for her thesis, and she agrees with me-it's
just going to take practice.  I'll try the "cool slowly/work fast"
suggestions first and see how that goes, then see about the trick with the
cucumber (which sounds really cool!), slowly edging the mold onto the cold
plate as I go, and using sponges to help flip the samples on end (and not
necessarily in that order).  I don't want to try too many things at once,
lest I drive myself nuts.

The first batch of samples should be coming sometime next week.  Wish me
luck, and thanks for all your help!


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