[Histonet] Can anyone use some reagent?

Cathy.Crumpton <@t> tuality.org Cathy.Crumpton <@t> tuality.org
Thu Jul 15 12:34:43 CDT 2010

   Hello  histonet.   I  have  some  Dako  reagets  that we do not nee   anymore.   We have switched from the LSAB2 system to the Flex polymer   and  have  2  unopened containers of dilutent (S0809) and one unopened
   contai   pay for sh   than thro   I  also have a barely used container of Halt waterbath ad   someone  can  have if they want it.  Our lab did not like th   chemical odor given off by the additive.  Please email me off
   Cathy Crumpton HT(ASCP), Histology LeadTuality Community Hospital
   Hillsboro, OR 97123

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