[Histonet] Rnase free slides?

Caroline Bass cbass <@t> wfubmc.edu
Tue Jul 6 14:49:58 CDT 2010


I'm doing RNA work for the first time. My plan is to take a fresh rat brain,
block quickly, freeze by immersing in dry-ice cooled isopentane, storing at
-80, collecting tissue sections (thickness will be determined, somewhere
between 20 and 300 um), and punching the particular regions I need out of
the sections. I will then isolate RNA from the punches for qPCR analysis.


1) does this sound like a viable plan?
2) and suggestions, what to be careful of?
3) where do I have to be careful of Rnase, should I use disposable blades,
cleaned with Rnase away?
4) where can I find Rnase free slides, or should I just make my own. I
usually use charged slides.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. I'm new to this and don't know
where I will have problems.



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