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Is there a new procedure while biopsies are aquired? New doctor, new
assistant? Somebody who lets dry out the biopsies?

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Hi all
Hope u r all doing well, am an Iraqi histotech working in both 
histopathology and IHC department in Iraq. One part of what i do is IHC 
(manual) i have no problem with, the other part is what i have problems
Renals and Livers, we do regular H &E stain , PAS and Masson Tirchrome and
of them were text book quality until ten days ago, the problem is the Stains

even the H&E are not Fine, its smugish. And the most important stain  for
histopathologist is the Trichrome which it should be fine and delacate and
not. I checked the procedures and stain preparations and i doing it the 
correctly , I made new solutions and did prolonged deparaffinization 10 min
step (3 xylenes,  2 100%ETOH,  one 90%ETOH, one 70%ETOH) and there was no 
difference. I should mention that those problems happened with only Renal
Liver biopsies the H&E and PAS on other types of tissues are working just 
great. the one thing that changed before 10 days ago is the wether it became

really cold and our lab temp. is not controlled.  Am going crazy please help
Thank u a lot 

Shorsh hospital

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