[Histonet] accu-edge low profile microtome blades

Brandi Higgins brandihiggins <@t> gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 15:12:00 CDT 2010

Hello all,

We use the accu-edge low profile microtome blades (exclusively, as they work
best for us).  We noticed an oil/lubricant of some sort on the blades in the
last box that we opened (we checked one other box and it has the same,
although none previously did, or at least we didn't notice it).  The oil is
giving us problems with our sectioning.  Has anyone else noticed this,
either now or in the past?

Also, does anyone have a suggestions of other blades we should use?

Thanks for your input,
Brandi Higgins, BS, HT(ASCP)

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