[Histonet] Problems with fixation of mouse testes for IHC

Rocky Parker rparker <@t> monell.org
Mon Aug 30 14:09:02 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm having a difficult time getting reliable structural staining for
OCT embedded samples of mouse testes. Long story short, when I use 4%
PFA (4C) for 2-4h, the connective tissue between the tubules of the
testis is gone or noticeably shrunken. I need to visualize the Sertoli
and Leydig cells within the testes since I'm looking for differences
in antibody staining (Gproteins, hormone receptors) between different
knockouts. I have yet to find a method for fixation that does not
require antigen retrieval and also provides great structure.

Any advice is welcomed!



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