[Histonet] Cutting standards

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Fri Aug 27 08:50:01 CDT 2010

I know this question has been asked before ... Can anyone share with me what
they are actually using as a cutting/embedding standard for your techs?  For
instance, how many seconds (mins?) do you allow for embedding a block?  How
many seconds(mins?) do you allow for cutting a block?

For simplicity here, I am looking at the "plop and drop" type specimens, ie
larger specimens that don't require specific orientation and can be placed
in a mold easily.  These types of blocks will generally have one section on
one slide.  I am trying to find out if the standard I have for my techs is
too tough or too lenient on them.  I allow 45 seconds to embed such a block
and another 45 seconds to section that same block.

How does that fit with what you guys are all doing?



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