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We love our Ventana instruments too Jay.  I don't quite believe the 40% difference in cost.  I'd like to see those numbers.  I know I save in tech time and the instruments are very easy to use.  We have histo assistants and secretaries trained to load and unload the instruments, saving out techs to do the things only techs can do.  Talk about LEAN!
A little more from a LEAN perspective, the Ultra is the only instrument out there that is "TRUE" continuous flow. As soon as there is an open spot on the instrument and the antibody is on board, I can add a slide.  I don't have to wait till one of the 10 slide modules is finished.  Leica is still a batch instrument, it is just smaller batches than the older IHC models. I'm not putting Leica down, it is a fine instrument but I think it is important for people to know the facts.
Jan Mahoney

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 I currently use the Ventana and am very pleased with the results I get.
The only draw back is the cost to run the instrument. It can get quite
pricey. They added space on the antibody wheel but took space away from the
slide area. This has impacted our work flow greatly. We are however looking
to purchase a second one. This one will have continual through put. That
should help out with TAT. Hope this helps.

Beatrice Sullivan, HT(A.S.C.P.) HTL , AAS, CLSP(N.C.A.)
AP Supervisor
Shore Memorial Hospital

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     I was wondering if anyone out there had experience with both the
Ventana Ultra and the Leica Bond immunostainers.  I realize that most
have a personal preference as to brands, but I'm not looking for a
opinion (LEICA RULZ!!!!11 or VENTANA FTW!!), just someone who has had
experience working on a daily basis with both instruments.  If this is you,
could you please tell me which you preferred and why.
     I'm currently working for a facility in MT which has narrowed down its
search to these two instruments.  No vendors please, they've already given
their pitches.

                                                              Jay A.
Lundgren M.S., HTL (ASCP)
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