[Histonet] Turnaround time for Research Pathology

Randolph-Habecker, Julie jhabecke <@t> fhcrc.org
Thu Aug 5 18:59:44 CDT 2010



I am looking for some standard turnaround times for histology services
including processing to embedding, processing to H&E, and processing to
H&E and IHC. Does anyone have that data?


Also, how do other folks handle "standard turnaround time" for research
samples? We may get anything from 5 specimens to 300 specimens that just
need paraffin processing and 1 H&E. Or we may get a request for 10
samples for paraffin-processing, 10 slides each with 2 H&E and 7
different IHC stains per case.


Any insight on this would be very helpful.






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