[Histonet] Re: Recycled Formalin

Susan Raibley sraibley <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 20:29:01 CDT 2010

We recycle formalin, xylene and alcohol and they all turn out very nicely. We use the CBG Biotech formalin and solvent recycler and then assay/test each batch and return the formalin back to 10% NBF by adding either distilled water or formaldehyde depending on what end it came out on and then add the buffer back by following the directions for how much is needed based on volume. What issues are you having? Do you assay each batch to see what percent you have back and then bring back to neutral?

Susan Bincsik, HT (ASCP)

Has anyone had any quality issues (or any issues) when using recycled formalin?


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