[Histonet] CD31 Mouse Liver Staining

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Hi Jeff,
I have had best success using Zinc Fixative for CD31 (PECAM1) staining in mouse tissues.  It is important that the tissue is trimmed thin (~4mm) for proper fixation and recommended fixation time is 24-48 hrs. The Zinc Fixative is available from BD/Pharmingen or you can prepare it.  Email me if you want details on preparing it yourself.
Good luck,
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Subject: [Histonet] CD31 Mouse Liver Staining
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    I've tried a dozen times to get good fluorescent CD31 staining (endothelial marker) on frozen mouse liver sections.   
   I'm using the standard pharmogen Anti-CD31 primary with a secondary FITC label, and get a very weak (though noticable) signal. 
  My question is regarding fixation methods IMMEDIATELY after dissection.  Does anyone have a good summary of fixation methods prior to freezing and their effects on CD31 staining?  Does the exact fixation even matter that much?  Everyone seems to have something different.   

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