[Histonet] zinc fixation form tibia

julia hough j.hough <@t> sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Sep 18 09:11:24 CDT 2009


Hello. Histonetters. 

I have recently used zinc fixed tibia and calvaria for the staining of CD31.
My CD31 does seem to have worked, however there seems to be marrow loss and
digestion of the marrow also. 


I zinc fixed the bones for 48 hours and then used EDTA pH 7 for
decalcification for 2 weeks. I am unsure whether I have fixed the bones for
too long, whether the decal has been affected by the zinc fix (as the bones
were "jelly-like" before processing) or whether the decalcification needs
shortening when using zinc fixation.


If anyone has any experience in using zinc fixation on tibia for Immuno
staining and can offer some advice that would be much appreciated.






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