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I use OCT from a company US Laboratory Supplies   It seem to do the job, no residue, light refractive.  I have tried to switch to lower cost OCT, such as Tissue Tek, but I think some companies have been cutting corners in manufacturing.

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I'm having a great deal of trouble finding a tissue freezing medium that is anything like the original OCT -15-25. Since OCT is no longer available at different temperature uses, I cannot cut a good section in our cryostat(-25)without using freezing spray. Even after trying a few different brands of medium,without freezing spray, our sections are still folded,wavy,and all around not of good quality like we used to have. Most of the different brands are
 fine for a specimen that was just snap frozen and cut, as in a surgical frozen case, but not good for serial sectioning that may take place 1 to 2 days later, as in a renal bx.We have tried to cut on three different cryostats and had similar results.Surely there are those reading this that are having the same problem.Thanks in advance for your help.

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