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Sun Sep 13 17:22:21 CDT 2009

Hi James,

We have a Leica inverted microscope and just use polarising filters that
are meant for cameras to look at our Sirius red stains (one is a cannon
58mm screw-in filter UV x1, the other we borrow from our audio-vision
department so I am not sure what it is). We tape one directly below the
stage and put one immediately above the slide. We then rotate the one
above the slide until we have a black background and the collagen is
shining yellow. If you get desperate, you can always use polarised
sunglasses to have a look at your slides - not ideal but good for a quick

Hope this helps!


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> Does anyone know where I can find the two appropriate filters (lenses)
> needed to polarize the congo red and Sirius red stains?  I have an Olympus
> CH-2 that needs to be fitted.  I understand I need a "polarizer" lens and
> an
> "analyzer" lens.  Are these two different lenses or the same lens, just in
> different locations on the microscope?
> Thank you
> Jim
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