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Theoretically, the fumes of HCl can react with the formaldehyde fumes to produce bis-chloromethyl ether, which is twice as toxic as osmium tetroxide.  The yield from this reaction at 1 Atm is so small that I don't think I would worry about it unless I had open containers in a closed space.
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never store everything in one cabinet.
 As far as i know, HCl and formalin should not be stored together. If any of you know why...
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Thank you all! I have received many responses already concerning 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin (NBF) storage.  Only one person has stated that they store all chemicals, including formalin, in safety cabinets.
I just want to clarify something.  All MSDS's I studied stated that 10% NBF indeed is NOT flammable, but the Flash Point is under 200 F on all but one manufacturer's product.  The NFPA99 and rules on flammables storage include all Class I, II and IIIA liquids.
Class IIIA liquids include those with a Flashpoint of less than 200 F.
That would include 10% NBF.  It appears to be the formaldehyde fume (which we all know very well) is the combustible portion no matter if it is 96.7% water. Most manufacturer's recommendations are for storage in a tightly sealed container, probably to keep those nasty fumes inside.
One would think that would be sufficient. 
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