[Histonet] AAVLD Histo sample block & slide retention policy

Jan Shivers shive003 <@t> umn.edu
Fri Sep 11 09:21:58 CDT 2009

For veterinary diagnostic lab personnel:

We're having a difference of opinion here over how long our Histo slides need to be retained.  It was my understanding that all paraffin blocks and stained slides need to be retained for 7 years.  Others here believe that as long as the blocks are retained, it's not necessary to retain the stained slides past a year or two.  Storage space might be a problem in the near future.

I've looked through the AAVLD Essential Requirements, but cannot find a definitive answer to this question.  Can someone help me out with the correct answer?  We're writing a sample storage SOP for each lab section today, and I'd like to get an answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,
Jan Shivers

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