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I would try contacting pathology supervisors directly and explain your situation.  There may be some that would allow you to work as a volunteer or as a histology aide to upgrade your skills and experience.  If I understood your credentials correctly, you are certified HT by ASCP.  A good deal of Histotechnology, after the formal academics, is on the job training.  A smart employer would recognize that it would be far less expensive, for them as an organization, to allow you to train and upgrade your skills at their facility than it would be to pay a recruiter to bring in a histotechnologist.  Especially if you agreed to a 2 year employment agreement.  You should market yourself this way.  Your skill is valuable, it just needs a little dusting off and practice not a formal refresher training.

This may require you to temporarily relocate for a few months rather than trying to commute. If you are serious about getting back in the histology workforce, this is a small price to pay. You might want to start with the larger academic hospitals in New England and work down from there. 

Hope this helps. 


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I am a registered HT but have not worked in the field a long time--late 80s. I have been trying to get back into a lob since 2007 when I lost my last job (typesetting, not lab work.) I have had a recruiter laugh at me. I have tired applying for histology assistant jobs. I had one recruiter tell me that I could be trained in the job IF I had a B.S. in science, but since I didn't, I couldn't be trained. Go figure.
I have an A.A. in histotechnology from Harford Community College in Bel Air, MD, and a B.S. in liberal arts (english). I already checked with my A.A. school and they offer no refresher.
I did a couple weeks in a lab last year but the travel was too far--Worcester, MA. I did use all the automated equipment that I never used before.
Has anyone else tried to re-enter the field and had the same problems? I'm willing to pay a little for a refresher, but don't want to do the whole degree over again.
BTW, I am in Milford, MA (metrowest, central)--a little too far from the Boston hospitals to work there (takes a train, AND subway and is just too long a commute). I don't like to commute very far. My SO and I are also considering a move to North Carolina or Colorado, but we're not sure yet.

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