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We blot the surface dry, mark it with ink and dry it again with a hairdryer
for half a minute. -no chemicals
Gudrun Lang

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Good Morning all- I am having issues getting ink to "stick" to the tissue
surface, the black and blue that we are using are fine we have tried several
different companies and even use a "ink stay" acetic acid spray on the
tissue. My new pathologist has talked about dipping the tissue after it is
inked into Bouins solution, and that they didn't have any issues with inks
where he came from.  I have heard of this technique before, But I was just
able to get rid of all of the bounins solutions in the lab and I am hesitant
to bring it back, looking for Ideas and thought from all, also if you use
the Bouins solution to "fix" your inks- I would love to learn your thoughts
about the process. Thanks-a-million

September Amspacher HT(ASCP)
Technical Specialist- Histology Department
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