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that's funny~~

just keep everything tight and unmovable.

also, we use anti-roll guide to keep the sections flat
so, sometimes there is a bit OCT attached to the blade/glass/anti-roll guide or surrounding the tissue.
clean it.

have you tried to cut at a higher temperature? the tissue could be too hard ! this always happen if you are using the frozen microtome, but applies to cryostat as well. 



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You've gotten great advice so far, but if it doesn't help--our problem was
that the specimen head was loose--even when it was locked, it would move
very slightly.  This has to be fixed by servicing it, unfortunately.  It was
caused by our MD/PhD student trying to adjust the specimen head when it was
locked, hence loosening the screws.  It happened even though I told the guy
to quit doing it, which drove me mad.
How some people get this far is beyond me.
"One of the defining characteristics of modern surgery was that patients
ought to survive it."
--Peter Stanley, For Fear of Pain: British Surgery, 1790-1850
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