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thanks to the reply.
some antigens will be damaged by PFA fixation and can not be retreieval.
the shock frozen section with acetone is of quite bad tissue quality. therefore I am trying alcohol!



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Greetings TF:
Good luck freezing a brain that is full of alcohol! Have you checked the 
freezing point of alcohol?
Why are you doing this?
Immersing a whole brain in 70% alcohol, why??
30% sucrose is a cryoprotectant so the brain is not full of holes from 
ice crystals.Alcohol defeats this purpose.
TF wrote:
> Hi, i dont want to use PFA for the brain fixation (rat).
> Now I tried to perfuse the rat with saline, followed with 70% alcohol. Then I do post-fixation at room temperature for 24 hours.
> I also tried saline perfusion, then I directly put the whole brain into 70% alcohol.
> Is this fine?
> Also, for dehydration before cutting frozen sections on a cryostat/microtome, should I use 95% alcohol? I am now using 30% sucrose~
> 2009-05-15 
> TF 
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