[Histonet] What are peoples feelings on pre labling slides?

Leah Nichols lmnichols <@t> shaw.ca
Fri May 1 15:06:08 CDT 2009

   An  independent  QA  study was completed in our AP department.  One of
   the  report's  recommendations was that we do not pre-label our slides
   and  develop  a  "just  in  time" slide labelling process.  We are now
   looking into this and would appreciate your feedback/comments on "just
   in time" slide labelling.
   The  questions  I  have for labs that has developed their own "just in
   time" slide labelling process are:
     * Who labels your slides?
     * When do you label your slides?
     * What is your process?
     * Has this decreased  your error rate?
     * Off topic - when do you label your cassettes?

   Leah Nichols
   Lean Facilitator
   Calgary Laboratory Services

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