[Histonet] Please help! In dire need of user manuals

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Flaming?  This is total burn out!  Very inappropriate.

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Dear Jennifer and any other Histonetters that are of like mind,

It's not quite "Flaming Friday" yet, but it will be in just a few hours,
so I'll go ahead a little early with what I hope is a reply that may
enlighten, be consultative, and hopefully not too offensive to those
may be sensitive to such replies. Here it goes...

My First Question: You state that your lab has "purchased all used
equipment".  What vendor did you purchase from that did not provide
operator's manuals with the equipment?  This is unheard of amongst us
reputable used/refurbished equipment dealers so if I were you, I would
recommend this vendor to others.

Now let's make sure that I have the facts straight... You have posted a
request that is seeking charity from members of this list that also
includes vendors.  In addition, not only are you asking for free copies
publications that have been copyrighted and are the proprietary
information of the manufacturers that, at great R&D expenditure
them, but you are asking that the donor(s) mail hard copies (if
to you ...at the donor's expense for the shipping & handling.  Should
hard-copies not be available, you request the donor(s) to provide these
lengthy documents in digital PDF format... again with a substantial
expense to the donor(s) of converting these publications into digital
form.  Surprisingly, you have made this burdensome and expensive request
without any offer to reimburse the charitable donor(s) for their time
expense to do all of this work for you.  In your final statement you
wistfully hope that some benevolent vendor should raise their hand and
offer you a (free) copy and then insult that same vendor buy stating
you "won't hold your breath for that".

My Second Question:  Are you crazy?

>From your signature address; it appears that you are employed by a
called Halozyme Therapeutics.  A quick web search informs us that
is a for-profit California company that had revenues in the tens of
millions in 2008.  It was also exciting to learn that Halozyme is in
2 clinical trials of their innovative insulin-PH20 with individuals that
suffer from Type 1 diabetes.  Very impressive.

Here is some good news for you.  I happen to have ALL the operator
for the equipment that you are requesting.  I will copy them for you and
send them to you at my expense under one condition.  You state that if
someone can do this for you that you "will repay the favor, if at all
possible".  I have a family member that is a Type 1 insulin-dependent
diabetic.  All I ask in return is that you arrange with your marketing
department that they send me a one-year's supply of PH20 when it is
released to the public...  all at no charge, including shipping &
of course.

My Third Question:  Do we have a deal?

I look forward to your reply,

~ Ford

Ford "the demon vendor" Royer, MT(ASCP)
Histology Product Manager
Minnesota Medical, Inc. (a for-profit corporation just like yours)
Golden Valley, MN

> Hello Everyone.
> I our lab we've purchased all used equipment.  None of these
> came with a user's manual.  I am in need of a manual (hard-copy or
> for the following:
> Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 3000
> Leica Jung Histo Embedder
> Microm HM335E Microtome
> I do realize that requesting a copy of these is a lot to ask of
> It takes a lot of time to copy a 50-page manual.  I'll repay the
> if at all possible.  I'm hoping that a vendor may raise their hand and
> offer a copy?  I won't hold my breath for that...
> Thanks everyone.
> Jennifer M. Anderson, Scientist
> Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.
> 11404 Sorrento Valley Road
> San Diego, CA 92121
> 858-704-8333
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