[Histonet] Calcium scaffold and decalcification

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Wed Mar 18 12:14:37 CDT 2009

   I have running a experiment in rabbit that included the bone reconstruction using mesenchymal stem cell seeded previously in calcium phosphate and calcium silicate scaffold. I need to know if, after some time, the scaffold remains in the tissue or they are reabsorbed and the bone is reconstruted. The technique is parafin embeded tissues. 

    My question is: what kind of decalcification have I to used to decalcificate the bone but that permit me to see the remained calcium phosphate and calcium silicate scaffold?. Could the acid or EDTA eliminate completly the remained scaffold?

Any opinion on your experience is appreciated.

Ana I. Nieto
Anapath Pathology Diagnosis
anieto <@t> anapath.es

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