[Histonet] Cutting fresh-frozen brains from 1 week old rat pups

Adam Galle adam.galle <@t> student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Mar 18 00:04:33 CDT 2009

Hi all,
Currently I am working with brains from 7 day old rat pups, that undergo an 
hypoxic-ischemic injury (Levine/Vannucci technique). These brains are 
unfixed, frozen in isopentane and cut at 20um on a croystat. These brains 
are not cutting very well compared to an adult brain (potenially due to 
unfinished myelination?), they are very 'crumbly' for want of a better term 
and always have cracks or generally poor preservation of morphology. I have 
tried all the standard tricks of different temperatures, section thickness 
and knife angle to no avail. I am going to perfuse fix my next cohort of 
animals with PFA and then a 30% sucrose step to see if that helps, but I was 
hoping that someone out there would have some tips on cutting these immature 


Adam Galle,

Neuropharmacology and Brain Injury Lab
Department of Pharmacology
School of Medical Sciences
UNSW Sydney

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