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You can go back into warm xylen for one hour, that removes the paraffin.
Then let the tissue in 2 changes of ethanol abs. , one hour each. That
should be long enough for dehydration and hardening the tissue. Then go into
xylen again for one hour, and then let it sit in paraffin for 2-3 hours.

The duration in paraffin is rather long, because there's no vacuum, that
helps infiltration.


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Hi to everybody,

I have a problem with a recent processing tissue. Normally I process
tissue that is very small such as 3mm thick of vessel rings or small
cubes of myocardium. Couple of days ago we process a batch of myocardial
sections that are really thick. I thought might be thick enough my
protocol to perfuse completely. I was wrong it was too thick after the
overnight protocol the sections were moist and soft. Of course I didn't
even try to embedded them. Question, what can I do now? Can I reprocess
them? Once they certain amount of wax in them can I put them again
through the alcohols and xylenes and again through paraffin? Or is
better just to dry them immersing them in alcohol? I just change the
solutions of the processor so before actually going ahead and process
them again I preferred to ask since I wouldn't like to get all the
solutions dirty with wax with the need to rechange them once again.

I appreciate your answers and help.

Armando Tellez
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Pathology Department
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Skirball Center for Cardiovascular Research
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