[Histonet] Leica Autostainer XL Problems

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You need to keep you reagent buckets filled to the middle line. The 100%
alcohol should be to the maximum line especially after the eosin. You have
some running of solution down the top of the slide causing uneven staining.

When we hand stain we move the baskets vigorously up and down. That will
take care of any run off of solution. Automation is a wonderful thing but
it can only work as well as it is set up to operate. Hence the suggestion
to fill some buckets with less solution and the 100% with maximum amount.
100% will clear the top of the slides so solution will not run down the
slide or so you won't have uneven staining at the top of the slide.

Hope this makes sense.

Best Regards

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Hi All,
We have a Leica Autostainer XL that we do all our routine HE slides on.
The section on the upper end of the slide is often unevenly stained. We
have tried many things to improve the situation including; Ensuring wash
tubs are flowing correctly and  Increasing dips at each staining tub. If
we "use" the same program but do it by hand the problem goes away. Any
suggestion that may help would be most welcome.

Stephen Asquith

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