AW: [Histonet] xylene and frozen sections

Gudrun Lang gu.lang <@t>
Sat Jun 20 04:38:29 CDT 2009

I've never read about fading caused by xylene. 
What about all people, who uses the film-coverslipper? That instruments
demands on xylene as clearant. So if it would be true, there would be many
faded slides in the archives.
Perhaps your colleagues thought, that dehydration wasn't sufficient and the
remaining water could cause fading. But after three 100% ethanol, I think,
this fear has no cause. We use only one 96 and two 100 for the frozens and
have never had problems.


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Is there any literature that says xylene will fade progressive staining H&E
(using Surgipath Harris Hematoxylin) over a period of years?  Our frozen
staining series after the eosin has two 95% ROH's and six 100% and then
clear in Propar.  I mistakenly replaced the last three 100% ROH with xylene
when I rotated the series.  I'm told that anyone who knows anything about
chemistry knows this is a big deal and the sections will fade.  Every lab
I've worked in used xylene to clear frozen sections.  I understand that I
messed up because this isn't our proceedure, but I don't believe I
sacrificed patient care.  Am I wrong?



> From: lynnd01 <@t>
> To: histonet <@t>
> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 19:47:14 -0500
> Subject: [Histonet] xylene and frozen sections
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