[Histonet] Superfrost plus slides

Haviland,Joie jhaviland <@t> mdanderson.org
Fri Jun 19 18:06:12 CDT 2009

Hello Histonetters:

I am having problems with tissue just disappearing in my lastest batches of slides.  I have been doing a lot of H&E's and did not have too many problems.  But I am cutting testis to use with a CD168 ab.  Everytime after the 1mM EDTA AR,the tissue disappears from the slide.  I allow the sections to dry overnight in our hood before placing the slides at 60'C overnight.  And sometimes I am in a hurry to get it done that I put them right away in the oven. I am also having problems with mouse skin tissue that has hair on it.  Seems that the section is lifting on some parts of the slide but not others.  It is very frustrating right now. Has anyone else edxperienced this?   I have been using the same batch of slides for a couple of weeks....


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