[Histonet] sodium acetate and nickel-enhanced DAB

Neil M. Fournier nfournier <@t> sasktel.net
Thu Jun 4 04:43:14 CDT 2009

I read somewhere that you are not to pH 0.175 M sodium acetate solution when
using it to prepare a nickel-DAB chromogen solution. The problem is that
whenever I make up 0.175 M sodium acetate (14.35 g of sodium acetate in 1 L
of dH2O), the pH of my solution is generally around 8.0 to 8.1. From what I
have read, the solution's pH should be closer to 7.0 (presumably w/o
adjusting the pH of this solution)? Does anyone know what the correct pH of
0.175 M sodium acetate should be when preparing a nickel DAB chromogen
solution? Am I missing something here? 


I appreciate the help



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