[Histonet] Is it the processing?

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Thu Feb 26 20:04:15 CST 2009

Dear valued colleagues,


After 30 years as a histotechnologist, I left the field to pursue a different career about 8 years ago. Now I’m working part-time evenings in a lab that does GI biopsies exclusively, processing them with a TBS SHUR/Wave 1200 microwave. 


The tech who does the cutting and staining during the day is having difficulties with special stain quality consistency. Specifically with the Trichrome and Giemsa for Helicobacter. Now this is a very experienced tech who has never had this problem anywhere else she has worked. She does beautiful work, genuinely cares about quality, and is meticulous in following procedure.  


Since I have no experience with microwave processing, these are our only thoughts:

The microwave processing is inconsistent causing the inconsistent staining.

The physician reading the slides has much higher standards than any of the other pathologists she has worked with!

Before I do a potentially massive series of trials to see if we can identify the problem, I thought I would ask if anyone out there has any related experience that they would share that might be helpful? 


Many, many thanks!

Marg Hagerty, HT, HTL, QIHC

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