[Histonet] Practical Exams

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 18:23:51 CST 2009

   It's interesting that there are histo programs that would be on the brink
of closing. This is certainly NOT due to a lack of need in the field. It
sounds like a lack of support. Really WE need to take this by the horns.
Raise your hand if you have ever participated in a high school Carer Day or
Health Fair. I don't see many hands ... probably because I am looking at a
computer screen! For that matter how many of us could even tell someone
intersted in the field where to go (reasonably locally) to get formal
   (Gauntlet toss warning!) With regard to having separate exams for
clinical and vetrernary tissue: The idea has merit since animal tissue is
harder to cut than human. Maybe all the tissue should be animal to separate
the wheat from the chaff. (Just so you know that is intended as a joke,
don't flame me too hard.) None of us should get too cockey, and we should
all be capable of both.
   Any good histotech that actually wants to get a job should approach the
process like a scientist (showing educational qualifications) and an artist.
Gathering a portfolio of work you have done would be a good way of
demonstrating you are capable of the work just like the practical exam. Did
you really do this work? ... Well did you really do your own practical? is a
similar question.


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