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Maybe we need to submit this question to "lawyernet".  Just from my
basic understanding I could see how this might raise a problem but may
still be worthwhile in the end.  Employees are covered by workman's comp
and other insurance as part of their employment but an applicant would
be less protected.  Of course, if an applicant sat down and couldn't get
through three or four blocks without cutting themselves that would
answer the question on whether you should hire them or not.  I
interviewed out West once for a PA position at University of Utah and
was asked to gross a few specimens.  The first specimen was a colon
resection.  I realized, from anatomic features that the specimen had
been oriented backward by the surgeon.  I pointed out that the proximal
suture actually marked the distal end and was offered a job that
afternoon.  I also interviewed once in Ohio.  I met the pathologist as
he was walking out the door.  He said he was on his way to do an autopsy
and asked that I join him.  We had a great chat while we did the autopsy
together.  Certifications, diplomas and job references are all great but
must be taken with a grain of salt during the interview process.  One of
the worst histotechs for a production lab I ever had in the Air Force
came to me as an honor graduate from the AFIP course.  She knew
histology inside and out but couldn't cut more than 15 blocks an hour to
save her life.  A demonstration goes a long way.
Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)

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>From a recent digest:
<If you want to know if someone you are interviewing can really section
stain, set them down at a microtome during the interview process, and

I have a question about the following statement plucked from a recent
What are the legal ramifications if a person cuts themselves during an
We've had this discussion at my place of employment and came to the
decision that it would leave us open to a legal liability.
I would love to hear some discussion on this subject, as well as any
experiences that others have had.

Terri L. Braud, HT(ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center



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