[Histonet] Snap freeze tissue in the Operation Room?

yichao wu wuyc_nju <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 13:27:21 CST 2009

I just started to get involve in a clinical research in which we plan to collect patient biopsy and surgery samples, snap freeze them in cryomolds and store for frozen sectioning later.
We are trying to develop a practical protocol (SOPs) of the tissue processing procedures. In the research protocol it did not define where to get the snap freezing done. And I'm wondering how complicated it would be to bring the whole set of stuff into the Operation Room.
If any of you are involved in such research activities or have experience working in a pathology department dealing with this type of research. Will it be more practical to wait outside of the Operation Room to get the biopsy or surgery tissue, and then transfer it into a pathology lab where the tissue could be processed?
How much difference/protein lysis/hormone degradation it could be instead of doing the snap freezing in the Operation Room? It will be prostate tissue and intraprostatic testesterone level will need to be checked.
BTW, if transferring the sample is practical, under such circumstance, will Michel's transport medium or saline or PBS be used to temporarily store the sample?


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