[Histonet] Pay and "The histotech's piece of paper"

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I have been in histology for 14 years, and I have always been pleased
with the pay.  I never fished my degree, but I have always made
comparable to or more than friends with degrees.  Do most of you feel
underpaid? I dont know how much MT's make compared to HT's.

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>>> Rene J Buesa <rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com> 2/13/2009 10:52 am >>>
True that a "piece of paper" does not make the histotech BUT if all
those who work in histology had that "piece of paper", salaries would be
better and more even, respect for the profession would increase, and
these discussion would not take place.
I have also had people working in my lab that were certified and lousy
from the technical point of view and OJT histotechs that were better in
everything they did but did not have a clue why things worked or not and
at that point all their abilities were reduced to manual dexterity, and
that is not the ideal situation.
Histotechs are the tech worst paid in the medical laboratory and the
least respected, and that should end, and the best way of doing that is
to encourage all the OJT histotechs to get certified and try to prevent
that the lab managers hire "anybody" to do histology, because "it is not
that important or that difficult".
It is "lab culture" thing that has to be overcome.
René J.

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Subject: [Histonet] Re: uncertified techs in Histology (Chris Evanish)
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I have been in the Histology field for 20 years and I have seen
registered and nonresgistered techs and believe me some unregistered
tech did a better job then the registered. Passing a test and getting
piece of paper does not mean that the tech was properly trained and
experience and knowledge in the field. Plus now you have to go to
college to be eligible to take the test. 

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