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We have different job codes and pay scales for certified vs. noncertified and yes, they perform the same tasks.  I think it is fair.  It is incentive and I strongly encourage all noncertified to get their certification for their own benefit.

When we got a new lab manager a few years ago (several), she decided that everyone had to be certified.  People were hired with the stipulation that they would have to be certified after 2 years.  I trained and then lost 3 people because they did not want to take the exam.  I fought, begged, and pleaded but my manager would not bend.  Finally, after working short staffed for a very long time and much overtime, she relented and we developed the second job code.

I have an uncertified tech who is very good.  She performs well and is always trying to improve.  She has taken the registry exam twice.  Passed the practical the first time but just can't seem to get through the written.  I have held study sessions with her and helped in every way I can but I can't be with her when she tests.  It is a shame and she feels very bad about it.  The lower payscale and separate job code is what allows me to keep a good tech even though she is not certified.  She has been with me for 7 or 8 years now and I would be sad to see her go.

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I am a supporter of certification as a goal.  I have no problem with anyone who is OJT and took their exam.  The goal of having everyone certified is to have a standardization so that we don't have such a disparity in pay.  I can tell you that I have worked at a hospital where the difference in pay between certified and uncertified was significant (several $ per hour differeence) even though these individuals were performing the same tasks.  Is that fair?  No, but if you have the education then you get the higher pay.  Now does it sound more fair?  I feel that anyone who is in the position to train at a hospital should be moving toward certification, even if that means one college course at at time.  Everyone should always be trying to increase their knowledge.  This is what make each of us marketable.  If you are not challenging yourself, how can you ever improve?  There are several online programs out there for those of you in rural
 hospitals, so there really isn't a viable reason for not persuing certification.  And just look at the end results: more pay and more respect.
Just my 2 cents...

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