[Histonet] Certified Techs Defense

Kristen Yaros histotechkb <@t> gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 14:43:28 CST 2009

Ok, I'll "get in" on this one too. And I'm sure I'll get blasted... but
anyways (is it Friday yet?)...

Why is everyone fussing SO MUCH about techs who went the school route? Why
do people seem to portray the impression that "we" can't do the work? (and I
quote "I would  prefer to have someone who can actually do the work and not
just talk about  it.") I graduated & took my registry the last year the
practical was required, so... that was 5 years ago & I still consider myself
to be a newer tech compared to my mentors who have been in this field a long
time. But anyways, as far as the school programs, there IS a clinical
componant where we learn HANDS ON and are graded for it - it's not just all
book work!

And now that I'm stewing over this email a little, I'm starting to feel
defensive for my instructors who work very hard to teach their histotech
students. There are good and bad students everywhere, and the ones who
aren't qualified to pass (in both practical and book training) shouldn't be
graduating from their programs.

Kristen Yaros, HT (ASCP)CM

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