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Congratulations at 40 years ! Wow. Your right Histotechs do an important  job 
and most pathologists as well as clinicians would be lost without them.  
Since you got that  HT ASCP behind your name would licensure make that big  a 
difference? Because we are not visible most people (public) don't know what we  do 
or our role . I have been going to colleges talking to students about how  
great this profession has been to me, and hoping to entice them into it.   You 
deserve a whole lot more than just cupcakes- you deserve at least a Hawaiian  
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Don't  get me wrong... I'm OJT-trained.  I just think that we, as
histotechs  doing a very critical and important job, need to be
interested enough in  our career/profession that licensure/certification
is the goal of our  training.  I just can't figure out why someone that
cuts my hair has  to be licensed and histotechs don't!  I was never more
proud than the  day I received that letter from ASCP telling me I was
qualified to use the  initials HT(ASCP) behind my name!  I worked very
hard for that, even  though I had no college degree.  Which prompts me to
say that on March  7th, I will have been certified for FORTY years!  Send
cupcakes to me  at the address below and I'll add the candles (which will
cause security to  come a'runnin' to put out an illegal fire caused by 40
candles on a  cupcake...but that's another issue).

Sally Breeden,  HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic  Services

PO Box 4700

Albuquerque, NM   87106


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