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Uh oh, here we go....again!

It's just demand and economics in most areas. In the San Francisco area good luck finding a certified tech. They can command 70K with minimal experience, which is what Kaiser and the UC medical center are paying. I know one woman who was working for a service lab in the area who wanted to work on her certification but her pathologist refused to sponsor her because he figured if she got it she would leave for a place that would pay her higher salary (seems like that ought to cause to lose a medical license!). Bad move: he lost her anyway.

We have found that recent college grads are fully capable of the work (at least in our area, which demands a lot of indepent work and thinking). What is missing with most OJT is the breadth of education you get when you study for the certification. I know plenty of people who cut well, do stains well etc, but are lost outside the specialties of their particular laboratory, and even outside their own little area of their own lab! But, we could also discuss the breadth of knowledge of those lucky enough to be educated in a formal school setting vs OJT and then certified. It goes on and on....

Tim Morken

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Any thoughts or experiences with my fellow HT/HTL's(ASCP).  What the big advantage do all these facilities think there gaining by going with unregistered techs, especially when theres always ongoing quality issues when theres so many trained certified HT looking for work?  In my area of the country I can't believe how many Hospitals go this way.

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