[Histonet] HPS stain from the AFIP manual

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 I have no personal experience with the HPS stain, but have been using
alcoholic saffron from EMS, catalog # 100504-624 for the Movat stain. It
seems to work very well, and we can just put it back in the bottle and
re-use it multiple times.


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We use the HPS routinely here as well.  It is in the AFIP manual, the
old green one and it did use itself as a reference, so I am glad to know
how it originated.  You know I have done that procedure for nearly three
decades and I have noticed in past years the quality of
Saffron(crocus)from any place but ROBOZ chroma from years back is not as
good.  I would love to hear of a place that sells it now that is good
off the shelf.  I agree with all of the boiling, parafilm and we also
place it in the oven the night before we use it.  I run the HPS every
other day.  I did notice minimal difference using sat pic acid or

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