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Mon Feb 2 15:54:15 CST 2009



I believe the clamp you are looking for is called the Hopkins clamp. Don
Birgerson,  Leica Microsystems Technical Assistance Center,  Don.Birgerson
<@t> Leica-Microsystems.Com 1-800-248-0123 ext 5918 to see if he knows of
any floating around to fit a Leica 1850.    Mari Ann Mailhoit should be able
to help also, and will be looking in.  I saw these called C clamps in
Histonet archives OR one could try and rig an old AO 820 block holder to fit
into the cryostat, and that is where the problem may occur, your cryostat
may balk at the idea.   


However, I am not sure the Hopkins clamp I saw on Rankin Biomedical website
will fit into the Leica 1850 unless you can remove the whole block holder in
some way.   At least look at the picture of the clamp on this website.
Can't you contact the people where you worked previously and ask them where
they accessed their clamp.  Were the cryostats you used in the other labs
the same brand/model you are using now?  If not, then this type of clamp may
not fit in the 1850.  I did a Histonet Archives search, keyword, C clamp,
and did an any for match, long format.  You may find what you need in your
search of Archives.  


Also try: 
Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)

Histology Product Manager

Minnesota Medical, Inc.

7177 Madison Ave. W.

Golden Valley, MN 55427-3601

CELL:  612-839-1046

Phone:  763-542-8725


Good luck , and hope you find what you are looking for.  


Gayle M. Callis 


Bozeman MT 59715   

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