[Histonet] Formalin pigment?

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First you should acquire a field micrometer. One of those that have all the field of view covered by s lattice of crossed lines forming squares.
Using a low magnification objective (10:1) count in how many squares you see the pigment and calculate in what % of the total number of squares they are.
Repeat in at least 10 areas of the section selected at random, and you will have a percentage idea of how much pigment is in your section for the time the specimen was kept in formalin at any given concentraiton.
René J.

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Hello, please i am working effects of various concentration of
formaldehyde on liver tissue. The sections shows some degree of
formalin pigmentation form 20 to 35% and concentrated formaldehyde.
Can anyone ofer advise as to how to quantittate o judge the varying
degree of pigmentation?

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