[Histonet] 2x3 microtomy: Adapter vs Sliding Microtome

R C ruebenjcarter <@t> gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 16:16:04 CST 2009

Hi. I'm working on a protocol for cutting monkey brain sections to be
mounted on 2x3 slides. I've read about utilizing a sliding microtome but in
short, have decided to use the 2x3 adapter for a standard Microm microtome.
During microtomy I've noticed many wrinkles in the sections, particularly
within the folds of the cerebellum. The wrinkles worsen as the sections
float in the water bath (temp=38).

In troubleshooting, a co-worker suggests inadequate fixation. I on the other
hand believe that the wrinkles relate to the Type R paraffin, which contains
polymers as well as the use of the adapter versus the sliding microtome.

Can anyone offer any first hand experience/guidance?


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