[Histonet] Part Time MOHS Tech Needed in Portland

Eric Weber erweber <@t> maxhealth.com
Tue Dec 29 13:53:37 CST 2009

MOHs Tech needed at the Portland VAMC for a Part Time Basis.  Please
contact me if you would be interested.  Details:




Dermatology MOHS Health Technician


The Portland VA Medical Center is in need of one part-time Dermatology
MOHS technician for the Dermatology Clinic, Operative Care Program at
the Portland VA Medical Center, 3710 SW US  Veterans Hospital Road,
Portland, OR 97239.


Qualifications:  Knowledge of basic methods and procedures of the
Dermatology clinic.  Candidate shall demonstrate skill and precision in
use of the tools, materials and equipment for Dermatology clinic.
Knowledge of specialized terminology used in the specialized area of the
facility where the work is performed.  Strong customer service skills;
detail oriented; and adaptability to work in a fast paced work
environment.  Candidate will serve as technical expert in the operation
and maintenance of specialized equipment and instruments.


Experience: Basic computer knowledge.  Candidate shall demonstrate
experience and skill in cutting and preparing frozen sections of tissue
in a Dermatology MOHS clinic.  Familiarity with medical terminology and
familiarity with routine laboratory values and abbreviations are


Specialty Experience (a Plus but not required): Familiarity with the VA
electronic medical record system (CPRS).


Length of Assignment: One year, or longer.


On-Call Hours: Not available


Overtime: Not available


Tour of Duty:  Mondays for 8 hours, (7:30am to 3:30pm), Fridays for 5
hours (7:30 am to 12:30 pm).




Eric Weber

Maxim Government Services

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phone: (410) 910-4942

toll free: (866) 260-9142

fax:(410) 953-8358

erweber <@t> maxhealth.com


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