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Subject: A New Tissue Microarryer Instrument - Pathology
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Dear Histologists, Pathologists and Researchers;

I am writing to let you know of a new Tissue Microarray (TMA) instrument on
the market.  The Arraymold.  This simple and easy to use TMA instrument can
be used for Paraffin
and Frozen tissues.  It is small enough to store in a drawer instead of
taking up valuable counter top space.  The Arraymold comes with a simple to
follow DVD and 10 extra needles.

Please visit our website to *watch a video on how to use the
Arraymold*<http://www.arraymold.com/video2.html>and learn more about
this wonderful TMA instrument.


Kind regards,

Thom Jensen
Arraymold, LC <http://www.arraymold.com/>

*Beneficial ways of using the Arraymold.*

1. Allows a pathologist or researcher to view many different samples at once
instead of hundreds of slides.

2. Helpful in finding IHC markers for controls or quality assurance using
hundreds of tissues samples on a few slides instead of hundreds of slides.

3. Consistency in staining markers because everything is on one slide.

4. Validating new instruments or new antibodies to be used in the laboratory
while keeping antibody cost down significantly.

5. Using the Arraymold only once can pay for its self:
     a. Instead of 60 to 150 slides with expensive antibodies now you use 1
     b. Also add up the amount of hours it takes to cut and stain hundreds
of slides individually.

"Some day the Tissue Microarray instrument will be as common in the
laboratory as the microtome..."

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