[Histonet] IHC macrophage marker for demineralized bone

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Gayle corrected me that since you are staining rat tissue you will need to stain for ED-1.  We have had sucess with staining rat ED-1 and ED-2 on FFPE formic acid decaled samples using the serotec antibodies.


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You will probably have to use EDTA, there is a whole subset of rat
macrophages, ED1, ED2, ED3 (Serotec has these) and you should know which
macrophage subset you need to see. Sorry, F4/80 is for mouse macrophages not
rat macrophages. 

Rat macrophages may be very sensitive to any type of acid decalcification
although people report successful staining with formalin fixed paraffin
embedded tissues which means you could use EDTA instead of an acid.  If you
go to SEROTEC, and look up the antibody data sheets, you will see what
application is going to work best for rat macrophages e.g. FFPE, frozen
sections only, or some other fixation such as PLP

Gayle M. Callis

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Can anyone recommend an antibody against rat macrophages which will work
in FFPE de-mineralized bone sections? F4/80 possibly? Is Immuno-cal the
best decalcifying solution for IHC procedures?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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