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Fish scales are calcified. Depending on the type of fish, they may contain dentin, bone or both. My sources: Two zoology textbooks and also a Wikipedia entry, Scales (zoology) that reads easily. Even boneless fishes like sharks have calcified teeth and skin.
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> Are fish scales even calcified? If so decalcifying may not work. 
> If keratin - softening with ammonia water, Mollifex(sp?), Nair 
> which is alkaline. I would be more tempted to use GMA plastic to 
> match hardness of scales.
> I have a protocol for horse hooves. If you want will send 
> privately. This is also in HistoLogic, author is Jane 
> Chladny.  
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> We are trying to cut fish scales that have been 
> decalcified.  They are chunking out when we try to cut 
> them.  I think we need to soften the keratin and I looked 
> in the archives for the right dilution of ammonium hydroxide to 
> use.  One post said 5% the other said straight.  What 
> dilution do you recommend?  I'm think it would probably be 
> the same as what you use on toenails.
> Margaret Perry HT(ASCP)
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