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Nathan Jentsch njblademaster <@t> gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 20:27:14 CST 2009

Rene makes an excellent point as to the reason for having a license.  I
agree that it is a good idea.  Unfortunately NYS took the idea and botched
it.  The NSH tried to push them in the direction of using the HT exam as
their qualifying exam, but instead they want to write their own and they are
placing unrealistic education requirements.  There is only one school in NYS
to get an A.S. in histotechnology, and it would require most people in the
state to relocate well away from where they have established their careers.
I don't think the bureaucrats realize that they are making it difficult for
labs to fill positions, and this will only get worse as people retire from
the field and there will only be a handful of fresh graduates every year.
As it stands now, I will be taking an online program through Indiana
University starting in August in order to meet the requirements set for me.
Hopefully they will grant me a limited license until I finish the program so
that I can continue to work.
Nathan Jentsch
B.S. Environmental Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

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