[Histonet] Mircom 505 E Cryostat "0000"

Karen Young k.young1 <@t> uq.edu.au
Mon Dec 7 18:15:30 CST 2009


 We have a microm 505 E cryostat in the lab, the microtome part of which
a repairer came to clean. Since the return of the microtome to the
cryostat, when we turn it on we no longer get any of the error messages
specified in the manual (such as those that come up when the cryostat
has been off for a while and is not cool), but rather the displays show
"0000". The blank reset button does not work and nor do any of the other
buttons.  I can find no reference to this display in our manual. Does
anyone know what "0000" means or how it can be fixed?


Many Thanks,



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University of Queensland

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