[Histonet] slide handling for special stains

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I wouldn't make that a habit. It eventually saturates the cells and then 
they fall off like the previous poster mentioned. Also, especially leaving 
them in water for a whole weekend you risk contamination. Not good 
practice. If you absolutely have to leave them in something after they 
have been deparaffinized I would suggest 95% alcohol. With that said, I 
think best practice would be to leave them paraffinized until you have 
time to do the stains. 

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[Histonet] slide handling for special stains

Hello all,
I need some information on special stains in regards to handling of 
slides.   Would it be good practice to deparaffinize and rehydrate slides 
then allow them to sit in water over night or over the weekend before 
doing the actual staining?

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