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Even if it is a totally frustrating issue, it does not matter what we think or wish should happen.
The problem resides in how the state resolution that instituted the NY licensure was redacted. That is the regulation we wanted or not, no matter how unfair or even stupid it may be.
The problem does not reside in the states having licensures, but how under what rules they are created. Once those rules are adopted, it is almost impossible to change them.
So, unfortunately, you will have to follow their rules, you like it or not.
René J.

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It is a capitalist environment.  If you are ht through ASCP that should be all that counts.  This is a way for states to collect extra funds

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One more reason to consider "carefully" before throwing support to state
licensure where it does not exist.  I feel sorry for you Nathan and I'd
like to have someone explain the upside of licensing to you.  It seems
it's not about having a license (like a driver's license) to practice
histology.  I fear it's just more about fattening state coffers and
adding another level of bureauracracy to things.

If you are educated (as you are Nate) and if you are academically
eligible to sit for the registry exam.  And if you can satisfactorily
pass the exam, what has state licensing got to do with it?  Are you a
better histologist in New York because you're "licensed" as opposed to
your neighbors in PA, for example who aren't?  I think not.

Does licensing prove something that science degrees and registry
certifications do not?  Maybe I just don't get it.  And I'm not trying
to pick a fight here with the supporters of licensing.  I just haven't
heard a good convincing argument for it yet.  I'm also quite certain
that even though monetary compensation has improved somewhat, the last
thing most Histologists need is another payment.  The privilege to work
in a certain state, which is paid for (by you) nothing more?!  

I suppose some kindly employers out there somewhere could pay for
it...good luck with that.  Here's an idea, let's say you're degreed and
registry eligible and/or have passed your board exam(s) and are
certified.  How 'bout the state says you've met the qualification for
licensing, here you go!  Nate you are degreed and certified and in my
book and in the book of the current state I live in - Oregon - and the
states I've worked in - Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota - you are more
than qualified to work.  I for one would not hesitate in the least to
consider a person such as yourself for employment.  Again you are more
than qualified, even though you are "unlicensed". 

I guess I just don't understand how credentialing - degrees and
certifications - aren't enough, but licensing is the magic ticket to
better science/medicine/patient care/whatever.  I'm sure some folks out
there will bring on the firestorm, but again Nathan I feel sorry for you
and I don't see the reasoning behind this.

Tom Jasper

Thomas Jasper HT (ASCP) BAS
Histology Supervisor
Central Oregon Regional Pathology Services
Bend, Oregon 97701
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Let me tell you that this is an extremely frustrating point for me not
for getting a job but for getting a license in New York State (which is
related because I'm technically supposed to have a license to work).
Despite the fact that I have a B.S. in a science field and have been
working competently at my job for almost two years now, the state wants
me to have an A.S. in histotechnology to get my license.  They won't
even consider HT certification as sufficient.  If a collective group of
experts in the fields of laboratory science and pathology say I'm
qualified, why isn't that good enough for a bunch of beurocrats who
can't even manage the pocket book of our state.

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